Illuminating Young Minds

This website is dedicated to all the students across the country. We are making an effort to create a platform through which we wish to spread some precious stone of information and knowledge about our eminent innovators and discoverers who have enriched the world of science with their achievements. It is our delight to share these pieces of information among the young minds that are the seedlings of tomorrow’s world. The struggle and success of the gems has always remained our inspiration. Therefore we believe our effort would assist the young population to be introduced to those great achievers. We hope it would encourage the younger minds to dream and walk the path of unknown and strengthen them to convert the impossible dreams into reality. Hunger of right inspiration is a natural instinct. The iconic figures and the story of their ambition, struggle, hardship and achievements may be the right feed to fill the appetite. We have therefore chosen to utilize the present platform as a medium to delineate the individual scientific adventures as the form of short articles to illuminate the young minds as well as budding scientists.

knowledge illumination